About ESMS

AGRA developed this course for its staff and alliance partners that are involved in the development, implementation and management of programmes and projects. The course is also meant for new employees and consultants working in or interested in the implementation of development initiatives in AGRA.


The purpose of the course is to increase and or develop a higher level of understanding and will assist you as follows:

  • AGRA’s Policy on ESMS, the implementation manual and international best practices on Performance Standards on E&S by the International Finance Corporation (IFC).
  • Recognising the importance and integration of environmental and social risk management in AGRA’s work, not only as elements of compliance, but also as parts of adding value to development outcomes.
  • How the ESMS enhances the realisation of AGRA’s vision and mission.
  • The institutional/organisational/management setup of environmental and social system in AGRA